Help with car stereo harness install


Do I need to connect the blue wire, car does not have steering wheel controls

How do I seperate the red cable as need to swap with yellow, can't seem to pry it open, also will pliers work to crimp it back or do I need a crimping tool


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Blue not needed and the red and yellow will seperate as it looks to be a standard bullet connectors, there should be no need for crimps as they are designed to be swapped and pushed back together.
Do I need to use screws to secure the stereo to car/mounting bracket as that's what the pioneer manual says, but the install videos online don't show anything


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All depends on the car, some cars you bolt brackets to the stereo then bolt it to the car, some have a cage that sits in the dask that the stereo slides into and locks into place.


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Hi, please post this in the ICE section and you will get a faster reply.

Or ask a mod to move it.


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That blue wire is there to turn on an amp & / or an electric aerial.

If you havent got either of those fitted you dont really need to connect it but make sure you put the little rubber covers back over the terminals as the end of the blue wire from the radio side of the loom will be live when the radio is switched on ;)
car 1.jpg

car 2.jpg

car 3.jpg

Managed to connect up wires and its working, but not installed as didn't have tool to remove nut holding old cage, question though, what is the socket in red on old stereo not present on new, once old cage removed will there be enough space to push cables behind stereo, as seems there mounted to cage


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Is the display for the factory radio separate on the dash somewhere or is it built in to the radio itself?

It looks very like a Vauxhall fitment from the picture? ? ?
Yes it is a corsa, not my car but there is clock/temperature display on dash..

Funny thing is stock radio works with engine off but new one does not


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Do you really need the radio working without the ignition being switched on?

Red & yellow wires are the power supply's to the radio.

One of them is always live & that is for the radio memory so it doesnt loose station settings / security code etc.

The other wire is a switched live by the key so the radio power turns off if the ignition is switched off.


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As this is a Vauxhall you will need to connect the blue wires together to supply voltage to the aerial amplifier. The original head unit was designed in such a way it could be switched on without the ignition but you can't with the Pioneer.

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