Help with Camera Choice please (Novice)


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Hi, sorry to do another which camera thread but I'm not sure how to ask and new to the forum, you people were a great help when I was getting my TV, now my camera broke.

My budget is in the £150 - £200 range.

Prevously I had an Old 3 x zoom compact digital and I would like a bigger zoom.

I have seen on the net Sony Cyber-Shot DSC0W150 which has 8m megapixels and 5 x Optical Zoom.

Would I notice a big improvement jumping from 3 x zoom to 5 x zoom or do I need to look to one one the 10 x zoom.

I am also interested in Sony DSC-H3 which has 10 x zoom but it's heavier and less compact.

I looked at the Sonys because they say they are compatible with my Sony Bravia HDTV is this good or just a gimmick that doesn't make much difference?

I've also seen a Panasonic Lumix TZ4 with 10 x zoom.

I'm used to using SD cards, there is a slot on my DVD player and PS3 and Wii for them but I see the Sonys use something called pro duo, I don't know much about them, will they work (read) in an SD slot? I also have a Jessups multi card reader thingy, would they work in that?

I'm not as bothered about price of pro duo card as it's compatability with my various card readers.

I want the camera for general photos mostly of scenery and wildlife whilst I'm out cycling and walking.

Thank you for your patience with the newbee.


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