Help with cables etc....!


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Really silly I know but I want to ensure I get the right cables.

I assume that to connect my DVD to TV I can use a Male to Male HDMI cable, I guess this also means I don't need the scart?

Secondly I want to connect my TV to the amp - can someone confirm what I need (link would be helpful), plus DVD to amp (I guess the same lead)

Thirdly I want to have a cable to run from TV to Laptop (when required) - can someone confirm what I need (link would be helpful)

Thanks in advance. The TV has all the connections, I got as far as checking that.

Many thanks,



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What DVD?
What TV?
What Amp?

Some TV,s have optical out some have stereo phono
Some DVD's have co-ax out some have optical
What amp are you connecting to, is it stereo, 5.1, 7.1?

Makes and model numbers do help as we do not have a crystal ball to look into.


Not DIY related so moved to the correct section :)


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Ok, sorry my lack of knowledge in thinking it was fairly standardised.

Anyhow the amp is a cambridge Audio A1
The tv is sony 32d3010
the dvd is a sony rdr-hxd770

thanks for your help


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Hi, hopefully I'll get this right :D

First of all, the laptop:

Your TV has a VGA input, so you'll need
You'll need to press the "fn" key and F5 (I think) to output the laptop to the tv. Also, in the tv there should be a PC option where you select your input, change to that and your off!

Your TV and DVD

I can't see much info on inputs/outputs for the amp, could you take a photo of the back? Likewise, the site I found didn't say much about the TV sound output, can you post a photo of the back of that too? Ideally you want to connect them with an optical cable, depends on connections though..


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For audio you'll need a stereo phono lead as the amplifier only has phono inputs. Connect it from the TV's phono audio output, which is just beneath the optical output, to the input on the amp labelled "AV/DVD". You'll be able to hear the sound from either live TV or the DVD recorder, depending on which one you're viewing at the time.

(A1 manual.)

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