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Hi Guys,
I need some help with my setup. I am doing it DIY so as much help as possible would be appreciated.

Here are the devices in the backend.
1. Sky HD
2. Sky Plus
3. Virgin HD
4. Free to Air box

I need to output the above to three TV's. Two of these TV's are connected with HDMI upto 15m but one needs to run over CAT6 as it is over 15m. I have a seperate CAT6 running from this location to two HDMI TV's. Also one of these TV needs to be connected via Denon 2310 home cinema.

So here is a more pictorial description.

-----Denon ---------- HDMI --------- TV Main
--------------------- HDMI --------- TV2
--------------------- CAT6 --------- TV3

I currently use Keene, and Prosignal splitters and switches but they are messy and signal is unreliable. Specially signal running from SKY HD / Plus / FTA which runs through splitter over CAT6 has trouble.

Now to clean all the wires and everything, I am thinking to use one of these 4x4 Matrix with a hdmi over CAT6 extension. I am planning to run IR signal to the two tv using HDMI using Xantech IR.

Please advice if the above will work or if anyone sees any issues? Also can someone suggest a good quality Matrix and HDMI over Cat6?

Your help is most grateful:lease:

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