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I'm wondering if someone can help me please. Sorry this is not blu-ray related but I have seen people mention on here in the past about sites that you can use for buying from the US that will give you a US delivery address and they will then ship from that address to the UK.

I am looking to buy some trainers and clothes from the US but the site I am buying from does not deliver to the UK and even if they did, I would get stung with customs charges on delivery so I'm just looking for some recommendations please..

Also, what happens about customs charges? Do they usually put a low value amount on the packaging so it gets through ok?


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This is the thread you want.

Answered - Buying Disks from America

In short, I use Stackry. I use it for discs, the wife uses it for clothes so no problem there.

Regards customs, you complete the Customs details so if you want to avoid charges you can as you select what value you declare.

If you want a referral, feel free to PM me.


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I’ve got a trip to Boston in a couple of weeks and have one hell of a Best Buy list:-
Pixar - As many steelbooks as I can find.
Marvel - Guardians and Ant Man.

Think I’m more excited about this than the actual trip :)
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