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Help with buying a tablet, thanks


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I've decided to treat myself and get a tablet, i've got a lap top and do most things on this, but with some birthday money i've decided i would like one.

Did a visit to pc world yesterday, and if left to the young man he would have had me buy a i-pad, which i don't want.

I just want something small to put in my handbag, that i can use wi-fi on when i'm on holiday, read f/b, check e-mails, and surf the net on, i've never had a kindle but wouldn't mind being able to download a few books to read on holiday (i know tablets can't be read in the sunlight like a kindle)

After explaining this to the young lad, he then said that the nexus 7 would be the one for me.

But tbh i find the screen a bit small, so wouldn't mind a 8 inch, find 10 to big, and for what i want, or can do with technology would i get my moneys worth.

So last night i did loads of reading up on here, and wondered if i could save a bit of money and get one of these, and would they, be suitable to what i need.

Thanks for reading.

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You don't mention if you've a budget you need need to stick to.

If you want the best tablet around the 8" size then best bet is probably the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, for around £350, or there is the Galaxy Tab 8.9 for around £240, cheaper as older model with less powerful chipset & not so good screen.

Unless budget is a major consideration then I'd stay away from those cheap tablets from chinese manufacturers as screens tend not not to be good and touch response can be poor.


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One of the things that you will notice comparing a kindle to any other tablet will be the weight. Most of the 10" tablets do feel weighty - perhaps the 8.9 Samsung tab is the right sort of compromise that you are looking for?

I personally would steer clear of the low end tablets that you linked to - you are more likely to get a low end user experience of android.

If I was buying again, I would also try to get a tablet that will have the latest version of android, or will get upgraded very soon.

The Asus transformer infinity is being released at the end of the month which looks likely to be a top end tablet - but the price is extremely expensive.


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thank you for those replies.

I don't have a massive budget, i could stretch to the nexus for £199, but i wondred if it was a bit to small, thought that the 10' was way to big, which is why i went for the 8'

Did a bit of looking and reading reviews on amazon, and that's why i thought that this one would be good.

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The reviews are good, and tbh it won't get that hammered, i don't play games, or watch movies, just want something that when i'm out and about like on holiday can connect to wi-fi to keep in touch with family.
And one i can download books to, so that when at work and on long breaks i can read on.

Which is why i can't justify spending over £200 for one.

thank you.


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I would always be cautious about spending a lot of money on a device like this without reading through some professional reviews first - but there didn't seem to be many around.

I completely understand your budget constraints - have you considered picking one up second hand rather than purchasing a low end one new - should give you much better value for money. I think it could be too easy to spend £100 now, get completely hooked to your tablet, but frustrated by the performance. Then six months from now forking out for something a little slicker.


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answered this as i had been thinking along the same lines, in the end i went for the tabtronics and am most impressed with it, took a bit of fiddling to get iplayer working but its there now and the 8" screen is a nice size for ebooks.
The balance over the momo for me was tipped by the tabtronics having bluetooth which is a handy feature, most pads have speakers on the rear so flat on a table u get little sound, pair with bluetooth speaker or headset and hey presto


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Specwise looks a cracker but i would be wary of ordering anything where the company uses a hotmail email address and only takes paypal..

GTR gets superb feedback,on Amazon with Paypal being a really safe payment form used by millions via Ebay
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maybe so but you would think he would have that model advertised on there then it batters the competition to bits and i for one would feel more reassured by buying thru there, dunno how much protection paypal gives out side ebay


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maybe so but you would think he would have that model advertised on there then it batters the competition to bits and i for one would feel more reassured by buying thru there, dunno how much protection paypal gives out side ebay

GTR also sell through Amazon if you are concerned

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