Help with buying a new laptop?

That guy

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What is your budget?

What size laptop do you want?
(In terms of screen size)

Do you have resolution requirements?
Not that fussed, I would like decent resolution though lol... who wouldn't?

Do you want a matte or glossy (reflective) screen?
Again, not that fussed... I think?

What will you be using the laptop for?
I browse the internet lot, play poker via pokerstars a lot, download and watch videos, and of course participate in social networking.

If you will be gaming, what games do you need to play?
I really don't play games that much at all, other than online poker.

How long does the battery need to last?
The longer the better of course.

Does it need to be portable?
I've never really took my laptops far from the house. If I did it would always be to another person house.

Do you require Blu-Ray?
I don't need it. But if it's there it would be a plus.

Do you require HDMI output?
Yes, Usually like to hook up the laptop to the T.V. if I'm watching something with friends such as a comedy special.

Do you have a preferred brand?
Lol, I'm being told to just ask for a reliable one? christ.

Are there brands you would prefer to avoid?
I'm being told unreliable ones which has now sparked a debate as to what is unreliable. I dislike being stupid when it comes to tech.

Would you be happy with a refurbished laptop?
Personally, I want a new one.

To level with you guys, in case you didn't already notice, I'm not computer wise... which I apologize for if some of the things I've said have seemed really dumb.

I want a laptop that runs quickly, Good quality resolution now that I think about how much I use this thing to watch videos. I don't really make videos or edit things. I need it to be windows 7; though I'm sure all the new ones are now. I only use this for Poker/browsing the internet/social networking.

Again, apologies if this has sounded dumb. But I am dumb when it comes to understanding computer specs and what not.

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