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help with blackgold cards setup


Standard Member
having a bit of trouble getting my bg card to run

i cant get live tv atall it either says there is no tv signal or there was a decoder error and i should shut down mce or restart the pc

i messed around and installed the klite codec pack and when i select a channel it will play about half a second of audio then do the same as above

tell me theres something obvious im missing please ! :)


If you run DECCHECK it will probably tell you that your free codec is not compatible with MCE.


Active Member
Installing codec packs is pretty risky with MCE - it's very sensitive. Why did you need them ? Most files can be played with a bare MCE installation plus FFDShow/AC3 filter. Best to select the individual codecs you want.


Standard Member
i only have the codec pack fopr convenience i didnt install everything in it only the ones mentioned and xvid codec as that i think decodes divx so that stuyff is fairly sorted i will go try deccheck


Standard Member
well thats the telly sorted with one card i will bung in the second one later and try some recording and watching a different channel

will it be fairly painless to get the second one running and recording

i shouldnt have to install anything else since i have the blackgold driver installed for the first on e anyways ?


Active Member
I ran mine with just one card for a while and then put the second card in no problems. You should just need to run the TV setup wizard to get MCE to recognise the second tuner and update guide listings etc.


Standard Member
cheers ive been too lazy to turn of the machine and plig in the second tuner so far but its working quite well so far much better than the fusion card i had it couldnt decode channel 5 properly and some other channels

still cant get granada men an motors properly though :(


Standard Member
help ive just re installed to get rid of those nasty fusionhdtv drivers and ive downloaded new drivers for everything ive installed cyberlink dvd decoder as this was what i used before and worked fine (eventually!)

there shoudlnt be anything different ive tried deccheck and it says the cyberlink is compatable and is preferred but the problem is ive done the scan and found the channels and downloaded the guide etc but when i go to view any channels they all say no tv signal yet it managed to find them fine :S

whats up with it now folks ?


Active Member
When you say.........couldn't decode channel 5 properly, what do you mean??




Standard Member
it was very jumpy always but when i put the blackgold in it worked fine , within about half an hour of each card being tested

although now and again alot of the channels can be very jumpy except the main channels

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