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Hi all,

Looking for a bit of advice on a home setup with a Synology DS220+ I’ve just purchased.

I’ve stuck 2x 4tb WD RED plus drives into it, and also bought a third one that I’m going to use to replace my old Seagate barracuda 2tb secondary HDD in my home pc.

In terms of planned usage, would ideally like to be able to make a weekly full complete backup the home pc primary drive (1tb SSD) so that it could be fully restored if necessary on to both the secondary WD red plus in the pc, but also on to the NAS just to be safe.

In addition, I’d like to take a backup of the laptop files (not too bothered about a full backup) so basically just stuff saved in documents, desktop, photos, videos, browser history, etc. currently that’s about 100gb of the 500gb SSD.

Apart from that, me and the GF both have iPhones, so would be great to somehow automatically back those up, and finally we have 2x Hikvision CCTV cameras connected up to a switch, which the NAS is also connected up to, so ideally store 7 days worth of video footage from those as well.

Last but not least, I’d love to setup a section to save a few movies and music that I could access remotely if I was on holiday or something like that. Was thinking a 500gb “partition” on the NAS would be more than enough.

If anyone could make some suggestions on the best way to get this setup, would really appreciate it!



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For full system images I use Macrium Reflect, you can schedule a backup and just point at the network mapped drive in windows. There is a free and home version.

For laptop Synology's own backup software will copy files/folders, the software is free or do the same with Relfect and dump full system image.

Full iPhones backups are done by Apple and their servers. You can purchase software that will copy some of the data on the phone via USB to a computer were you could then dump it on the NAS but this must all be manually done, at least the last time I looked at it.

iTunes on the desktop could save iPhone system image backups via USB to local computer, but havent done that in a long time, maybe it still works and those could be copied to the NAS.

Semi automated phone Photos backups are possible to the NAS, another method.

Synology has its own CCTV system, that gives you GUI control, never dabbled with it so don't know much but there is a compatibility list you can check your camera against.

Synologys own videostation and musicstation will do the job you ask for video/music, they have smartphone apps that interface with them.
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That’s great, thanks, will definitely look into macrium 👍

Also the semi-automated iPhone backup thing looks interesting, so will explore that

Cheers pal

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