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Hi Guys!

So as the title suggest I need your help because I made a Big BooBoo!
I just bought this house and wanted a beamer in my bureau, we are renovating the place and while putting a new fake ceiling in I made some preparations for a beamer when I had the money to buy it.

Now my first intrest was the Benq W2700 with the "4K" resolution and HDR, but I also wanted to play some games on it with my Nintendo switch (mario kart, Pokémon) and Xbox Series X (Assassins Creed, Cyberpunk).
Then Benq announced the TK700STI almost the same specs but less input lag for gaming, at this point is just learned that input lag was an issue on beamers for gaming (kinda rookie over here). Then I learned that Optoma also came with the UHD35 and the UHD38 so I thought hmm whats the better choice the Benq TK700STI or the Optoma UHD35/UHD38?

Sadly I actually don't have a choice because of the dimensions of my room.

Room dimensions: Length or depth 350cm (137.79inch), with +- 260cm (102.36inch), height 233cm (91.73inch).
With 260cm of with I should be able to get a 110" screen in there.
When constructing my fake ceiling the construction worker place an extra wooden plate as reinforcement at 300cm in depth for a beamer mount, as pride as i'm we also made 2 poweroutlets and 2 HDMI outputs in the ceiling for the beamer

Now the sad part that cost me a few sleepless nights!
when using the calculator from benq and optoma(this one sucks) I stumble on a BIG problem.
The Benq TK700STI is a short throw monitor and my placement @300cm is to far away because the screendimension would be too big (150").
The Optoma UHD35/38 is a normal (I think) beamer and @300cm the screendimension would be to small (+- 90").

Is there someone who can help me out? I know I needed to do the calculations earlier but as I said i'm new to this and while renovating and guiding the construction workers.

I was thinking on moving the projector closer (Benq TK700Sti) but if I do this then there is no reinforcement and the screws for the mount would break out of the gyproc ceiling (I think)

Thanks for reading my story!



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Hi Tokke, I wouldn't worry about it. Especially with a 120" screen, things will work out fine. Have a look here:

I did a quick calculation. With 120" and the lens zoomed out, you will have a throw distance of 287cm. That's very close to meeting your requirement. I use a TH671ST with a 120" screen and plan to upgrade to a TK700STi. Throw distance is a bit long for me personally, but it's much better than most projectors. I think it will be just as popular as the TH671ST.


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Hi Exirion,
thanks alot for the feedback.
I Can't wait to get my Benq TK700STI, what kind of screen are you using?
are the elite screens really that good as they claim?

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