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Help with AV32RDP (Connections)


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My first post, thought I have been reading this forum for a couple of years now. Bought my DP when Tag was still owned by Tag and have been very happy with it. Recently tried to connect a new sat box to the CD coax input. When I select CD from the front panel all works pefectly. When I select CD on the remote it changes to 5.1bypass. Why and how do I change this? Also I tried the LD input as this selects normally from the remote, but no sound comes out when I connect to this input.

Any help appreciated.:lease:


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This happens because you can reassign the buttons on the remote. A couple of times in the past I have fiddled with this, and got myself completely lost afterwards :)

Have a look in the menu/manual and you'll see where it can be changed. As for the bypass, this can be set for 5.1, or 3 sets of stereo pairs, so you need to check your settings again, and connect it up appropriately.

Hope this gives you a start.

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