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I've had my 36" Hitachi tele for a while now and have been using the crappy centre and rear speakers that came with it ever since. I have now decided to purchase a proper surround sound setup but I don't know what to go for. I'm going to need a new DVD player as well as my old Sony 725 has given up the ghost. I've been looking at the Pioneer DV-565A for the DVD player, the Denon 2803 for the receiver but am having a problem when coming to the speaker choice. The main problem is that my living room is a strange shape and due to the positioning of the television in relation to the fireplace there is little space on one side of the tele for a speaker. This wouldn't be a problem if we were talking about a plasma because I could just move it over, but because of the size of the television it doesn't look right in the room if moved. So my quandary is whether I go for normal floorstanders or satellites. I want the best quality I can get for my money but worry that the satellites aren't going to be as good as the floorstanders. On one side there is the Acoustic Energy Evo 3Bs and the monitor audio bronze B4s and on the other are the infinity Oreus 6.1 and kef 2005.2s. This decision is worsened by the fact that the kef eggs and the AE 3Bs can both be found for around £650 - is there a great deal of difference in the sound quality between these speakers? I’m not a fan of the styling of the kef eggs or infinity satellites but will opt for one of these if there is not a great deal of difference in sound quality. If there is a noticeable difference I’m just going to have to move around my living room to accommodate the larger speakers. I will get round to auditioning these speakers for myself but would be grateful on any input anyone else has to offer.

I'm looking to keep my spending below £1500 (not including cables, wires)


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Find a dealer who stocks most/all those speakers. Demo. Choose the best floorstanders and the best sats.

(Yes, I know it's hard to find a dealer who has them all, but persevere.......)

Pay for both on credit card. Take both home. Demo again in your own room. Take the losers back to the store within 7 days for a full refund.

P.S. I bet you a tenner the floorstanders sound better, but the sats fit better! Unlucky! ;) :rotfl:
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