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Hi Guys,

I am new to the forum and class myself as pretty good with cabling. I have a Samsung LCD and a Phillips Portable DVD player. I am trying to hook the portable DVD to the TV. The LCD uses a AV Adapter Cable (Stereo & Composite Video) which goes in the AV in on the TV. I then have exactly the same cable which goes into the AV out on the DVD player. These cables are then joined with RCA cables. The frustrating thing is the picture is there, it’s just rubbish, flickers and has noise interference. It’s like it needs fine tuning but I cannot fine tune this TV on an AV channel. The adapter cables are good quality Lindy ones from Amazon. The RCA cables are 3M length ( not sure if this is the reason) not sure on the quality, they look good but I did buy them of Ebay. </SPAN>



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From what I understand, you have a set of RCA cables plugged in to the TV, another set plugged into the DVD player and third set in the middle acting as an adapter/joiner? Or do you have two sets of cables just with phono couplers?

I suggest you try a direct connection using only one set of cables and see if that makes any difference. If it does, it could mean that some of your cables aren't working properly. Or it could just be that the signal quality is dropping off with all the connections you have.

Composite video is generally quite poor anyway, and I'd avoid it if possible. Are there no other connection types you can use?

Can you post the model number of your TV & DVD player?


thanks Stevie.

I have the following

samsung - UE22C4000 22" HD Ready LED Backlight LCD TV
Philips - PET830/05

I have two of these Lindy AV Adapter Cables, 1 plugs into AV out of the TV and the other plugs into AV Out of the DVD player. The two adapters are then joined by a RCA RED, YELLOW, RED

LINDY AV Adapter Cable: Electronics

1.2m TRIPLE RCA Cable - Premium Quality / 24k Gold: Electronics

The RCA I am using is 3m in length though, not sure if this makes a difference, if it does they shouldnt sell them.



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To be honest, this is the first TV I've seen that uses a 3.5mm jack to input composite video & audio, as opposed to the standard RCA/phono inputs.

To make a direct connection with a single cable and no converters you'd need a cable with a 4 pole 3.5mm jack on both ends, but I can't say I've ever seen such a thing.

Other than try different cables, there's not much else I can recommend I'm afraid.

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