Question help with ATMOS / AURO 3D setup ,SVS prime elevations or Dali alteco, or psb xa?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by Brainwafer, Jul 16, 2018.

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    So its been over a decade since I have upgraded my surround sound setup, I had a 7.1 setup of PSB Image 4T / 2B etc with a Yamaha rx v2400
    I am looking for a new setup that will allow me to do AURO 3D ( as I hear it is the best up mixing for things like pc games and streaming content etc ) Dolby Atmos and DTS:X
    So, I am thinking of using my Current PSB speakers in 5.1 configuration and adding 4 height speakers up on my walls as I really don't have the option of in ceiling speakers, and don't really want to run on ceiling speakers for aesthetics sake.
    Not to mention up firing Atmos doesn't seem like the best results can be obtain with it and not sure my layout would be conducive to that anyways.

    So my ideas are using Dali Alteco c1 or Svs Prime elevations and mounting them right near the top of my walls, I will be doing crown moulding and can hide the wires behind that very well I think
    was thinking of the denon 4400 receiver

    considering angled wall brackets too if that will help direct the sound
    so my question is, which of those ( or other surround / heigh speakers ) would work well with my layout and current PSB speakers.

    I will attach pictures of my room layout for reference,

    somewhat concerned that my rears wont be separated enough from the wall heights.

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