HELP,with arcam dv139 to yamaha rx-a830


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Hi,ive now bought the arcam dv139 to play SACDs.ive connected it to my yamaha rx-a830"which doesnt have 5.1 connections"via HDMI.I can only get stereo even though I set the yamaha 5.1/7.1....on tracks like pink floyds DSOTM "on the run"and roxy musics avalon "the space between us"the music should be moving from the front/rear left to rear right and back to the front,which i cannot get the set up to do !.ive tried HDMI and BITSTREAM settings on the arcam.its driving me potty and nearly ruining my experience with the arcam,which ive got to say even is better than i thought it would be.Hope someone can put me on the right track,ive attatched the manual for the ARCAM but the manual for th YAMAHA rx-a830 was to large to upload !.........if it helps please see original post...
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    Hi,Hope someone can help.I have just Changed my trusty old DENON avr 1906 for a YAMAHA RX-A830 advantage which has great sound and video.I have a DENON DVD 2910 which i only use for SACDs/CDs.The problem i have is I cannot play SACDs as the YAMAHA does not have the 5 connections my DENON 1906 has.I contacted YAMAHA( please see reply)I have connected from the DENON DVD 2910 via stereo audio to the audio 1 on the YAMAHA and then connected the optical to the yamaha but I cannot play SACD( when I play PINK FLOYDS,DARK SIDE OF THE MOON,track3"on the run"the foot steps should go around the room but they only travel left to right/stereo.)How do I set the denon DVD 2910 to bitstream rather than PCM !Hi Robert,

    Thanks for your email,

    As the RX-A820 does not feature a multi channel input as did your old receiver, your best option is to run a Stereo RCA connection from the Stereo Audio out on the DVD player into the Audio 1 Input of the AV Receiver, you would then select this as your input for listening to SACD's.

    You could then run a digital audio connection such as Optical, HDMI or Coax to handle the surround sound digital audio from any DVD's you choose to play back, you will need to make sure the players digital audio is et to Bitstream as opposed to PCM to allow the Receiver to do all the decoding for you of the surround sound.

    I hope this helps

    Regards, Boyd

    Yamaha AV Sales Support

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    From: robert barber [[email protected]]
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    Hi,I need to connect my denon dvd 2910 to my yamaha rx-a830.I only use the dvd player for SUPER AUDIO COMPACT DISC's(sacd) as it has a decoder and the yamaha doesnt.When i connected my denon amp to my denon dvd player I had 5 phono connections between the two to seperate the five channels.( my denon amp didnt have a sacd decoder).At the back of m New yamaha rx-a830 it gives 5 connections for a power amp in !.What connections will I have to make.

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    Yamaha AV Sales Support.


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SACD players usually have a default output setting to force "stereo" or "multi-channel" (if available) version of the SACD content. They may also have a setting to determine if the CD(if available) or SACD layer of the disc is played by default. Obviously the CD version will always be stereo.

Don't know if the Arcam has these but it may be worth checking if there are any options available from the remote menus.

Bitstream is moot with regard to the DV139 and SACD (DSD) because it doesn't support DSD via HDMI i.e. SACD is always output as x channels of LPCM from the DV139 via HDMI. Not sure the DV139 even offers DSD direct to its own DAC's for that matter without decimating to LPCM first.
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Thanks AVI,I am off for 5 days from wednesday so I hope to be able to sort it out !.Please any ideas from any of you out there will be welcome.


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help with connections please !.

There's only one way to output multi-channel LPCM from the player and that's via HDMI. An alternative is using analogue output for stereo SACD and SPDIF for lossy multi-channel DVD content.

It may be worth checking if there are any known issues with the DV139 or possibly certain version of firmware and HDMI output in the Arcam owner forum.


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Couple of pointers.

If the Arcam is in CD Direct mode then it won't output anything via HDMI or coaxial/optical so check that.

Also, the Arcam needs the 5.1 setup from its own decoders active to enable 5.1 PCM to be sent via HDMI. Yep. Its a bit weird. Just make sure all 5.1 speakers are set to Large in the Arcam menu then try again :)


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Oh and you may need to be running the latest 5.06 firmware.


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Hi,Thanks avi and damian1978.Now im happy as everything seems to be falling in to place.Right here we go,FROM THE ARCAMs HDMI TO THE YAMAHAs HDMI (PCM showing)GETS SACDs PLAYING,I have the CD DIRECT/AUDIO COMPRESSION/DOLBY PRO LOGIC 2 turned OFF on the ARCAM.To play CDs I play from the ARCAM via stereo RCA connections through (AV1 on the YAMAHA)PURE DIRECT on the yamaha which give the best sound(better proccessing through the ARCAM).IVe still a bit of tinkering to do but everythings fabidabidozi.I dont know what firmware it has,strange that I have not seen how to view the software !.Ive struggled to down load the latest firmware 5.06,maybe its because the arcams a bit old !,but I will try again.A big thanks to you all for your input.Cheers.


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To check the firmware open the drawer and type 4 7 9 2.

Should display the firmware revision at the top. You can always do a factory reset there too.

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