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Ive tried searching, but really struggling to find what i need.

Basically, i just replaced an old Sony amp, with a Denon AVR-X2300W.
Everythings up and running, happy with the performance. Cant say i really expected to notice a difference, but i really can. The old amps optical ins died.

My issue, is with anynet+. I get the pop up for sound from the amp when i adjust it, i also get my tv doing its own pop up. These 2 dont match number wise, and it really annoys me. I dont need anynet, as i use a Harmony remote to turn everything on and off. But if i turn it off on the TV, i get no sound from the amp. TV is a Samsung UE55D8000.

Please help me, what am i doing wrong. Setup wise, ive got ARC off, Virgin, PS3, HTPC into amp via hdmi, wii via comp. 1 hdmi amp to tv.


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If wanting to convey audio from the TV to the receiver then you'd either need to use an additional optical audio connection or use HDMI ARC. If you've turned ARC off onboard the receiver then this is why you ceased receiving audio from the TV. Also note that ARC is reliant upon HDMI Control and Anynet+ is Samsung's interpretation of this. If you want to use ARC to convey the audio from your TV to the receiver using the HDMI cable between them then you'd need to engage both ARC and HDMI Control onboard the AV receiver. You'd also have to turn Anynet+ on onboard the TV and select the AV receiver HDMI option within the TV's speaker options.

If not wanting the power switching associated with Anynet and HDMI Control then set the POWER OFF CONTROL setting within the AV receiver's HDMI settings to OFF. THis will prevent HDMI Control from instigating other devices to power on or off in conjunction with the receiver.
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Thanks for the reply.

Sorry i wasnt clear, I dont need any audio from TV to amp. All sound goes through amp, tv speakers are turned off. So i dont need ARC, and id rather ditch anynet, if it will solve the double volume popup issue. But if i turn it off, the amp doesnt play sound. Despite the sound source, being plugged directly into the amp, rather than into the tv, and trying to get the audio that way.


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Make sure that you've not set the receiver's HDMI AUDIO OUT setting to TV and if you have then set it to AVR.

Are you manually selecting the source you want to play? The receiver will not auto switch to the source. Is the device actually connected to the HDMI input associated with the source button you are pressing?

Make sure that you've not set the receiver to Zone 2 and that the MAIN zone is the one in use.

Do you get audio from the speakers if you engage the receiver's test tone?

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