HELP!!! With an older davis dl450....


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I know I must have one of the oldest pj's on this board, but I was wandering if anyone could point me in the right direction to get the s-video socket on this model replaced with a better built one as it is not working properly.I had it repaired under warranty with Davis when they were still around about 3 years ago, but the same problem occured again pretty soon after,and I just used a phono connection instead,But now would like to use s-video again as the picture quality is obviously better with svideo and when the socket did work, the picture was excellent with it.I would prefer to replace it with a better built one so I dont have this problem again.

Basically pictures have very bad diagonal banding and in black & white,I've tried several svideo cables but its the same problem.

Any suggestions would be appreciated as now that I have got surround sound,I would like a picture to match!


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Speak to Selwyn at CAV Systems in S.London.
They supply Davis spares and do repairs.
Tel No 0208 871 4774

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Morning. :)

Ever thought about using a computer or a scaler? As Jeff will tell you, you won't get the best picture from the s-video or composite connection. I had a DLS8 and always used a HTPC with it. You can get scalers which will go in between your DVD player and your pj which connect via the vga socket and the quality difference is very noticable.

There's a good chance the repair could fail again as before, so maybe trying the vga would be better in the long run.



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Thanks folks,your replies are much appreciated,I live in Leicestershire,I was wondering if there may be a dealer who is nearer to the east midlands??


Hi there, I bought a new DLS8 (brighter DL450) about three years ago and it is still going very strong.
I'm certainly no expert but at the time I scoured the forums for ideas and spent a great deal of time and money trying to obtain the best picture that I could possibly get within my budget.
I first built a dedicated GeForce HTPC then I tried a TV card and software that I think was called DTV created and developed by a brit called John Adcock as well as many other things that I can't now even remember.
In line with everyone elses judgement I have to agree that the HTPC came out tops.
Problem was that having so many things to tweak I usually missed the first half of a film optimising the display by which time my other half had got so fed up she usually got up and cleaned or polished something.
Eventually even I got fed up and as the PAL compliant iScan Pro had just come out, ordered one from the US of A.
It isn't quite as good as the HTPC but it is good, it enables you to view sky or DVD etc using the full 800 x 600 resolution of the Davis.
My iScan Pro cost around £500 at the time but you can pick up a good S/H unit now for a fraction of that if you scour the likes of Ebay.


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