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Hi there guys,

I was planning on building a hifi system in the new year.

I have selected some speakers that I think would do the job


However, being new to this the connections on the back of the speakers and amps are very confusing :confused:

So basically if anyone could suggest an amp that would work with those speakers I would be very grateful, or even just tell me what kind of connections I need to look for on the specs of the amp so I can find one for myself.

Regards, Fred


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The speakers are easy enough, they will work with any amp.

The Subwoofer can be more difficult, but the SW150 Sub has both Line Level (low level) connections and High Level/Speaker Level connections.

With Line Level you need to connect to the Pre-Amp or Subwoofer outputs of the amp. Some amps have these, some amps don't. This would require common and standard RCA-Phono-Style Audio Cables.

However, the SW150 can also be connected to the Speaker Terminals of the amp by connecting them to the Speaker or High Level connections on the Sub. Using these connections, you can just use common speaker wire.

In short just about any amp that fits your budget will work.

Which brings up the next point, what is your budget?

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Thanks for the reply that helped a lot.

My budget would be around the £100 mark, which from the looks of modern amps really isn't much to go on unfortunately. I could push it a little bit but really not too much more.

Regards, Fred


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Here is an excellent deal in a quality brand name amp -

Denon PMA510, 45w/ch -

Denon PMA510

Denon PMA510AE Black | Stereo Amplifier | Richer Sounds

And the same amp from SuperFi -


You can probably get SuperFi to price match since you have two common sources of the amp, both at £149.

I could recommend a few others - Pioneer A209R, Pioneer A307R, Marantz PM5004, but at the low price of £149, I'm not sure what can come close to the suggested Denon.

"High Current (HC) single-push-pull circuit for musical detail and power, wide dynamic range, supporting high-grade audio sources, micro-processor stop mode, for higher sound quality, vibration-resistant design with direct mechanical ground construction."

Denon - UK - Amplfiers - Denon PMA510AE

Just my suggestion, but avoid the seemingly high powered Sony and Teac you can get for the same price. The both have too much power for too little money, and that makes me distrust them. Though they are both good brands in general.

There is also a matching Denon CD player, also for a very low price.

Denon DCD510AE Black | CD Player | Richer Sounds

I'm not sure what other amp to recommend at a low price. Certainly there are amps closer to £100, but they tend to be very low power -

Cambridge Audio TOPAZ AM5 Black | Stereo Amplifier | Richer Sounds

A decent amp, but only 25w/ch.

The Pioneer A109R is decent, but at £139 with only 40w DIN, more like 25w or 30w RMS, it hardly seems worth it.

If you really want to go rock bottom on price, then the Cambridge Topaz AM1 is just that, rock bottom, no PHONO, no remote, no headphone out -

Cambridge Audio TOPAZ AM1 Black | Stereo Amplifier | Richer Sounds

Right now, I'm hard pressed to come up with a better amp in the £150 range than the Denon.

If you happen to be in or near Chiswick, here is a stunning bargain from Cambridge Audio but it is limited to 1 amp at 1 location -

Richer Sounds - The UK's Hi-Fi, Home Cinema & Flat Panel TV Specialists!

If you are near any of these locations, you might get the Cambridge TOPAZ AM10 (30w/ch) at a bargain -

Richer Sounds - The UK's Hi-Fi, Home Cinema & Flat Panel TV Specialists!

And there are even a couple stores that have the Denon PMA510 on clearance, but you have to be able to go to the specific store to get the amp, and quantities are limited -

Richer Sounds - The UK's Hi-Fi, Home Cinema & Flat Panel TV Specialists!

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