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I am hoping for a little guidance on amp selection for my set-up, currently have Rega P2 turntable into Rotel A11 tribute and Dali Oberon 5 speakers, I will be moving up to the P6 turntable later this year and feel that an upgraded amplifier may move things along. I listen to vinyl 70% of the time CD's 25% and bluetooth spotify via my phone the balance (used for checking new albums etc) I also listen via headphones on occasion.
budgeting up to £1200 + any trade in for the amp but this would need to cover any extra items required such as headphone amp.
looking at
Rega Brio R - has headphone output but will need something to connect to phone not sure how to do this.
Elex R will need headphone amp as well as well as phone connection
Cambridge CXA81 I already have mini fono and budget would allow upgrade on that as well
Rotel RA1572 (can get a B stock at £699)

Any advise or alternative suggestions welcome - I'm pretty new to this so if this is a dumb post just ignore. I do intend once i get down to a couple of options to demo.

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Have changed my CD player to a rega apollo as well and again for me working well with the Cyrus. I did audition the brio and for me the Cyrus was much more suitable class D amp perfect for me

That's the combination I'm thinking of buying, Cyrus One HD with the Rega Apollo CD Player.
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