Help with Amp Install on Goldwing MC


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Hi. I have GL1800 which has an integrated stereo system with 4 speaker outputs. Sound is lacking so I am upgrading. Stock speakers say 3 Ohm 15W. Stock radio does NOT HAVE line outputs.

I have installed a Pyle PLMRA400 4X100W marine grade amp and 4 Polk DB501 speakers. Amp has HI level inputs saying 100 Ohm impedance and 2.5V sensitivity. Speakers freq response is 65-22kHz and 4 Ohm impedance and can easily handle the power.

I cut the wires going to the stock speakers and used 18Ga speaker wire to HI level amp input and 16 GA speaker wire from amp output to new speakers.

Systems sounds quite good when I connect my smartphone MP3 directly to line inputs of the amp but HORRIBLE when playing the bikes radio.

I am considering putting a cap at either the amp input of 600uf for the 3 Ohms and/or a 500uF cap at the speakers. Which is better or should I do both? Do I have my math right? I am trying to cut off at around 80-85 Hz.

Or is my problem simply with impedance matching between the 3 Ohm stock system and 4 Ohm amp?

Thanks for your help

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