Help with amp connections please


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I'm home demoing an ATC CA2 stereo preamp at the moment and I would like to have it hooked up to my poweramp and speakers in such a way that I can switch between the two without swapping cables.

At the moment I'm running both the CA2 and the 2011 into the Parasound power amp and switching the speaker wires between the two pairs of channels. My 926s have two pairs of inputs so could I run two sets of cables to the speakers without doing any damage?

That would allow me to simply switch off one preamp and the other on within seconds rather than fiddling with cables. I don't want to try incase it damages my speakers or the amp.



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Is that remotely clear?

What I'm concerned about is that because the two pairs of inputs are linked on the speakers (I haven't removed the bars that connect them because I'm not biamping) the amp might do something strange as two of its channels will be connected to each other.

Is this making any sense at all? :)


What I would suggest you try is feeding the front L & R channel preouts from the 2011 to any spare input on the preamp and then on to the poweramp to speakers.



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Thanks for the reply Mark.

If I were setting it up for use as a complete system that would be fine, but the purpose is to AB the Pioneer against the CA2 and feeding the Pioneer through the CA2 will obviously affect its sound and so is not an option.

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