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Hi Everyone. Hoping that someone will be able to advise me (and apologies if I have posted this in the incorrect place). I have recently moved into a flat and want to connect my smart TV to the communal aerial. However I am at a loss with what cable I need or what I need to plug into on the wall socket plates. As shown in the attached pictures, the wall plate has "sat1", "sat2", "TV", "FM' and also a cable coming straight out of the wall. I have been unable to get any Freeview channels tuned in using any of the options (I assumed it should be "TV" but have tried all) and one of the other residents said that I needed a small connection/box with a switch. He is away currently so I can't ask for more information but I am really not sure what it is I need so any help would be much appreciated. In the meantime I have used one of the interior flat aerials but the reception is poor (I assume from where I am situated in the building in relation to the mast). Thanks in advance for any advice.


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I would assume that the socket labelled TV should give TV signals. It is a male connector and someone has forced a Belling Lee barrel onto it.

At a guess the lead coming out of the wall is a feed to another room.


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The TV outlet (it has a 'barrel joiner' pushed onto the male plug of the wallplate in your photo) should work.

The cable plug is likely to be a 'return' feed to other room(s) in the dwelling (usually used to send the output of older sky boxes to a bedroom, say) and that looks like a diy-style modification? I suspect that plug could fit the TV socket to feed the bedroom (say) while the main room used satellite?

Cable from the wallplate to TV is a simple male to male TV lead using that pushed in joiner. If that's removed then a male to female is used.
Sometimes the Sat2 outlet also carries UHF TV signals (it depends on how the communal system is designed and connected up).
If so a F-plug to male TV plug lead can work?

Owned or rented?
Talk to the Landlord if the latter to get the system working.
If owner and other residents can't help, talk to the building management company as it seems the system is faulty? You'll be paying a service charge that includes maintenance and operation of it.

It's possible there is a communal cable or two incoming to the dwelling elsewhere that have been disconnected or have an amplifier that needs switching on, but that would be relatively unusual. A hunt around might find something, perhaps?


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Thanks so much winston2010 and rodders53 for your advice. I removed the joiner and used a M-F cable from the TV socket and still no signal found. I will absolutely contact the management company to get them out to take a look as now I know that it's not something basic I have missed. Thanks again!

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