Help with AE100 & HCPC Colours


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I've noticed something unusual while using my PC to show movies on the Panny - at the bottom right hand corner of the image the screen is more red than anywhere else.

I've read about the colour uniformity problem with this PJ however this "phenomonen" isn't there when using a standalone DVD player and s-video connection.

Is it my graphics card and the colour set-up, why is it confined to that area, and it's position varies depending on whether it is 2.35.1 or 1.85 aspect?

Anyone else have this problem, or know a cure?

Thanks for reading this.



The colour uniformity problem is nothing to do with the connection.

It's caused by a warped prism in the optics of the projector.


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just as I thought. So why is there a red part of the screen when watching through VGA and not when through a s-vid connected standalone player?

Is it the graphics card? Any pearls of wisdom would be appreciated.



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I would say something to do with your svid connection is interlaced and the vga connection is progressive (assuming your hcpc and panny are set at wide480).

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