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I have BT as my broadband provider, and 3 months ago the adsl connection would drop out 10 - 15 times a day, numerous calls to BT and i now use the test junction located behind the first BT box in the house, this proves to work. However, the adsl still drops out, sometimes the internet symbol remains, sometimes it doesnt. I can connect to the wireless aspect fine, but the adsl connection is a real nightmare. I have tried several different adsl cables, ethernet cable directly to router, several microfilters also tried my other router, but no success. When i tried today, the internet light was showing and the computer had connected to the wireless and it had aqcuired the IP address but i still had to trset the router to connect.

Router currently used is a netgear DG834GT, was fine for a couple of months but now drops out at least twice a day. Also when sending receiving files on msn these are shockingly slow to send/receive, takes ages for files even a few kb in size to be sent.

What do you guys reckin i should do?




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Does the router's power light stay on when it drops the ADSL connection? If so, this means it is dropping just the adsl connection, probably due to a poor signal. The fact it worked better in the test socket would also support that conclusion.

Try to find downstream attenuation and SNR margin figures from the routers interface. You want the attenuation to be as low as possible (determined by the telephone line) and the SNR margin to be as high as possible (SNR margin is determined by line length, and radio frequency interferance.)
Post the figures back if you can find them.

btw, what speed are you on and how far are you from the exchange?


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Im a BT Openreach ADSL Engineer.
If you look in teh menu's of your Netgear router, you should be able to find teh status of teh adsl line.
Looking for up stream and downstream "Attenuation or Loop loss" and "Signal or NOise Margin"

Post up those if you can...

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