Help with a Tag / Parasound problem please ...



I have an AV32 connected to a Parasound HCA 1205 and for the most part the performance is stunnning.

However, at low volume especially, some of the channels seem to crackle and go off altogether. usually the surround channels where there isn't much action going on...

I have a Arcam DVD player with a 5.1 output and if I connect the parasound to this then all channels are driven without problems, it also seems to be fine when listening to a dvd through the tag. The problem exists when listening to a sky hd through an optical int...

Does anyone have a similar experience or can help in anyway ?

I would be most grateful.

PS i have tested i/cs and they are all fine as is speaker and speaker cable...


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Just your Parasound set to trigger power-up automatically.

The crackling and loss of the rears when the volume is low may point to a problem there?


No - I know it can be but I don't use the trigger, I switch it on manually...

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