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Help with a film title ... !

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by Muz, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. Muz


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    Hello all

    Sorry - another one of 'those' threads.

    A very long time ago (maybe 20 years ago) I remember watching a movie on the TV (BBC). It was a black and white movie ... either Chinese or Japanese and I remember that the story was something around a poor girl who is married to a man who, unknown to the poor girl, marries a rich woman. The poor girl is a maid in the rich woman's house. I think that the story is much more involved than this (I think that the film was 3 hours long :eek: - but this part of the story is what comes to mind). I remember a couple of scenes from the film and that there is a recurring song that is throughout the movie. One scene I remember was that once the rich girl is married to the maids husband the maid is washing some shirts and she finds one with lipstick smeared on the shirt. Sounds like a naff movie from this description but believe me it was really good!

    Thinking about the way it was shot and the storyline I have checked out a lot of the famous Asian movies from the 1950's but I haven't had any luck in tracking down what the film is called.

    Does this jog anyone's memory?

    Thanks in advance.


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