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My main problem here is that i am sure that my TV can not output progressive scan anymore... :suicide:
Basically when i have my 360 outputting in 720p i get crazy lines which go from left to right or sometimes diagonally, and is vey distracting as it sometimes becomes very noticable. i then started playing my wii in 480p and i got these lines again. the greater reason i think it cant output a progressive signal is because once i was playing on the 360, the lines appeared, went to the dashboard and changed the screen setting to 1080i and it was normal, no lines, and since them i havnt got them. but if i change the settings back to 720p i will get the lines (takes an hour or 2 sometimes, but sometimes instantaneously). I thought it might have had something to do with the componant spliter device. but i dont see how this device would make such a difference in quality... all it does is have a switch for when i want to play wii and not 360.
so unless someone has a miraculous solution to this problem i am going to have to phone empire direct to see my options. my TV is a sagem HD-L26-TP 26".
usually i would just ask for a replacement, but they dont sell the TV anymore, thankfully though its still in warrenty. thing is aswelll i just love the design of that TV and has absolutly plenty of features i like and do not want to have a different TV. could i also contact sagem and they get me a replacement or repair?
what would i say to empire direct though when i phone them? i am totally lost and dont really know how i could describe my problem to them and what do i do, ask for replacement? repair? new TV altogether?

cheers :)


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I take it you've tried plugging directly into the TV, bypassing this switch?


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well it just sudenly happened one day. when i first got my TV i just had a 360. never had the problem then. i then got the switch when i got my wii. nothing happened then. i have tried without the switch, and i got the lines then. i will try again. fact remains though that the screen went perfect once switched to 720p and i doubt a switch would ever have such an effect on progressive than in interlaced. or would it?


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Diagonal lines wouldnt be caused by Progressive scan issues. Sounds like electrical interferance. I started getting it recently only with my xbox 1 via component at 720p. It does it with scart and any other video mode too. I found wiggling the power connector would make it go away.

From doing this I found that the xbox was picking up interferance from the xbox's dodgey wire. So I got a pack of ferrite blocks to put on all the cables behind my pc, not had a problem since. :D


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since my 360 and wii are quite close to the TV. it might be that then?
worth a try. ill move it further away now. could be my homecinema kit aswell since that on the shelf underneath. ha, wouldnve never thought of that.
well im hoping its just that.


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The problem is probably that your cables are not magnetically shielded. Buy ones that are and it should help. :)


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i know ive got alot of cables down there.
i just moved everything very far away. VERY
i still got those lines. also i dont see why it would just appear one day.
heres a picture of my problem on the 360 dashboard.

im pretty sure now this is to do with the TV. it might be a jumpy conclusion, but as you can see from the image, it affects gameplay
well that picture doesnt really show much. but can you see those dark lines in on a constant pattern? thats the problem, and yes it is notocable even if you cant see it too well in that picture

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