Help with 5.1 upgrade please - only need audio


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I have a 15 year old 5.1 system using an old Pioneer AV receiver. The receiver is failing and I would like to upgrade and need modern streaming features.

I do not need any video features as have a new LG OLED and happy to route all video to the TV and then I have an optical cable routing sound to the receiver. All I really need is something to create the 5.1 (or later Atmos) and power teh speakers.

I cannot find anyway to do this. There does not seem to be any audio only solutions except the Sonos AMP which only powers 2 speakers.

Does anybody have a solution? I do not really want another massive AV received with loads on unused connections when all I need is to power 5.1 speakers with one sound feed.



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Unfortunately you’re probably right and you won’t find an audio only solution as you need the hdmi av feed to strip the audio from. Your most discreet bet might but some of the slimline units? I think Marantz do/did some.

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You need either a soundbar of some type with surround sound, there are many of these available from Sonos, Samsung, Sony, LG, Vizio and many others. This takes your current speakers out the picture.


An AV Receiver with speakers.
As Above Marantz do them in slimmer versions.

If it's only for streaming apps then your optical is fine up to 5.1 but won't do Atmos. You need HDMI for Atmos. You also need an Atmos capable system and extra speakers if using an AVR and your own, current speakers.
Atmos from streaming apps is a much lower quality than that on a UHD disc as well.
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If you want to have the option of immersive audio (Atmos) and the TV as the ‘Hub’ of the system you require both the TV and the AVR to support eARC.

eARC requires your AVR has at least one HDMI socket.

Until eARC is the norm the vast majority of systems will have the AVR as the Hub so most manufacturers will retain HDMI switching on the AVR.

As others have highlighted there are a few ‘slim line’ AVR options if your speaker system is not too power hungry.


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