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Hello Guys

Ive recently built my own system from scratch as a newbie and would like to now overclock it abit. Ive got a 1100t Amd Black Edition. Ive tryed putting voltage manual to 1.45 and my multi up so I reach 3.7 and ran prime for a little bit and fine. When I increase multi to 3.8 it fails on prime straight away. Also during prime for my 3.7GHZ setting my temps are Core 54 and CPU 63 are these ok. Iam using a stock cooler. I would be happy with 3.8GHZ to be honest thanks


I don't think you should be overclocking that far with the stock cooler!!! The max safe temp for the 1100T is 62ºC! make sure you put everything back to stock by loading optimised defaults immediately, then start again after you have bought yourself a decent cooler! With a stock cooler and decent case airflow you may be able to get a smallish overclock but nothing towards 3.8GHz!

The reason why prime is probably failing is because your temperatures are too high!!

I suggest you read up about overclocking a bit more as it sounds like you've just cranked up the voltage then the multiplier. Not the way overclocking should be done...ESP WITH THE STOCK COOLER!
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Thanks for your advice shadowboxer i will follow it and invest in a cooler for my cpu. Iam thinking a Hyper 212+ as seems fairly good price and decent reviews. Yes I was just playing with voltage and multiplier as thought that how it was done with black edition. Cheers


The Hyper 212+ is very good but for a few ££ extra you can get a Gelid Tranquillo that performs better. You really shouldn't be overclocking that way, but more in a stepwise method. Yes it's more time consuming but you won't damage your CPU/motherboard.

Even with the stock cooler you should get a decent overclock as long as the case has decent airflow.

Restore everything to default, then up the multiplier by one.

Download and install realtemp, coretemp or openhardwaremonitor to monitor temperatures.

Run Prime95 for at least 2-3 hours, whilst closely monitor temperatures and if it doesn't crash, blue-screen or restart and temperatures are below 50-55ºC then you can up the multiplier by another one.

Then repeat.

When your happy with the overclock and temperatures again are still not topping about 55ºC, run 8 hours of prime95 to make sure it's completely stable.


Only when you get a new cooler would I start changing voltages. This way you'll at least have a rough idea of what your CPU can do at stock voltages and with the stock cooler. Again increase voltages in very small increments so that the sytem is stable.
It's crashing at 3.8Ghz because of the temps it reaches it will cause it to become unstable, i wouldn't be surprised if you could reach 4.0Ghz with a decent air cooler. I would get the Corsair A70 it's a really good cooler for the price, look up the reviews. £32.99 at most places so it's one of the best value coolers around!

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