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Help: Which TV is better in terms of quality?



I am planning to buy a HD ready TV. Two TV's that I like are:

1. samsung CS-29Z40
2. philips 29PT8836/94

These models are available locally. Samsung model is a slim fit and a sleeker design. But Philips supports full hi-def resolution of 1080p.

I have heard that the quality of Samsung slim fit is not good.
Have not read many reviews about Philips.

Could the members please guide me.


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The main difference is that the Samsung is Widescreen whilst the Philips is 4:3. That would rule it out in the UK where most mainstream TV is in widescreen format. However, in India this may not be important. I suspect the Philips is aimed at the wider world market rather than Europe.


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The Phillips set absolutely blow's away the slimfit televison. The phillips set is one of the finest set's ever made according to alot of people, and the technology inside it is far superior to the slimfit tv. The slimfit will suffer from poor brightness at the corner's of the screen, which willl make thing's like text look out of focus.

Also because the beam is so deflected in widescreen mode, it's not as sharp at the edge's of the screen, as it is in the middle, where the picture is superb.The geometry in the slimfit will also never be 100 percent, as the the design of the tube alone is not enough to keep thing's perfect, that's why they ar5e using a digital chip from pixelworks to remedy the isuue's in the next range of set's.

Now the slimfit is not a bad TV by any mean's, it's got a great screen and the technology inside it is sound, but until these new model's come out in the USA with the new processing chip, the slimfit will never be perfect. It's undoubtedly the way forward for CRT as it remedy's some of CRT's biggest isuue's, size and space. That's why I bought one to support the cause and make sure that the technology is driven forward and perfected, and crt stay's on the market.

Th Phillips set is in a bit of a different league though, it's got a whole host of feature's not found in the slimfit, and the picture quality is supposed to be outstanding. The pixel plus feature is also an excellent addition and can greatly enhance some tv programming. Phillips 100hz technology is also the best in the business too, they have pretty much perfected it, and it is better than the 100hz in the Samsung.

One thing about the slimfit though is it's colour, and contrast which is outstanding especially for watching anime and animation. Samsung has alway's been good at this,a nd the screen technolgy does produce outstanding colour reproduction which is extremely vivid and vibrant.

So......I would choose the Phillip's at the moment, unless you want widescreen and obviouslt want the sleek look and save spacing features of the Slimfit.
If you can wait however, it will be interesting to see how good the next range of slimfit tv's perform, it won't be a long wait as the set's have been released in the States, and if it has perfected the slimfit tube, then it would be well worth the wait imo.

If however you cannot, the Phillip's is an utstanding televison that will not dissapoint you, it's had reat review's from people and I personally like 4:3 screens.

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