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First post on excellent forum. Trying to decide which speakers to go for on new 5.1 av set up. Will use 50/50 DVD/Music

Mission 782 front x 2
Mission 78c centre
Mission 780 rear x2


KEF Q5 fronts
KEF Q 9c
Kef Q compacts rear

Amp will be new Denon 3805

Anyone got any views on above or other alternatives around similar price.:hiya:


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The Missions are a class above the Kef's IMO, particularly the Q5's which are the weakest of the Kef range. :thumbsdow

I don't suppose you are looking to get these from Superfi, are you? Better check they have them in stock first........;)

chris l.

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I'm running a Denon 3803 with 78c, 783 fronts and a mixture of 781 (music) and m7ds (movies) for the rears and very very happy with the setup.

I have however added two MJ Ref 100 subs (running both of LFE and one of the centre / one of fronts via high level feed) and this just added that extra bit of kick at the very bottom end.

You won't be disappointed with the 78 series.

Never had Kef's so can't comment.

As per Nober22 if you haven't looked at Superfi do. I got my 783's off them circa Dec 03 (£500) and last month the 781's (£200).

Best of luck.




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I love the KEF Q7's (with both bungs in place) as fronts plus the new Q4's slim floorstanders as raised rears, add a good sub to take over some bass from the KEFs.
Agree Q5 is not the best one in the range, Q4 has tighter bass.
Q9c center is OK though.

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