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Help! Which out of 2 Sonys is best???

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Kingston LJ, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. Kingston LJ

    Kingston LJ

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    I have a SonyFQ75 and yes, it has many problems ( Rolling Bars,Purple patches and uneven brighteness etc..). Now that I have discovered that many people have had the misfortune of owning a defective FQ75 I am going to purchase a new model.

    I have a choice between the FQ80 and maybe the 36FS76.

    Has Sony remedied the problems of the 75 with the new 80, or does it just have a new case and a few more features. Can I expect a better picture quality and sound quality. Do the 80`s perform better in all areas???

    The other model that interests me is the 36FS76. I was very happy to hear the overwhelming praise for this model on the forums. The majority of people say it has a perfect picture with near perfect geometry and a lack of problems.

    Can anyone help me in my decision, money is an issue, I am definitely favouring the 80 at the moment due to its lower price. I am willing to pay more for a 76 though, if it means peace of mind and the best product.

    Please help! :confused:

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