Help - where's my sub?


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My setup includes a Pioneer VSX C-100 AVR. My problem is that the amp only utilises my subwoofer when it is receiving a signal from a prerecorded DVD - i.e seeing a DD signal.
I'm new to AV amps but I would have assumed that, if connected, the subwoofer would be used independant of whether the amp is receiving a DD signal or not.
Is my amp faulty or am I missing something obvious?
Thanx - this is my 1st post sp please be kind :)


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It depends on what setting you have your amp on. If it's in direct/ pure mode being fed a stereo source, it will reproduce the sound only in stereo.

This is where the processing elements of your amp come in. Set your amp to say pro logic 2 movie and it will take the stereo source and turn it in to 5.1. Have a good read of your amps manual and it should explain what setting does what.

If you need any more info, let us know.:thumbsup:

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