HELP Where to buy good quality scart



Can anyone recommend me an online retailer for a good quality (up to £30-35) SCART and which specific one
... to connect DVD to TV via RGB

Is an RGB scart much better than a fully wired SCART


Do want the sound being carried to the TV?

If yes you need the fully wired cable.. othewise the RGB (which has the sounds channels removed from the cable.

I have always bought QED Squarts.. look great and perform brill.. though they are a bit above your price range.. how long a cable did you need ? The cables are built like tanks.. and come ina cool blue colour!

Anyhow places to buy (not just QED )

Prices all about the same.. though some will have free delivery etc etc.


I would strongly recommend the Thor 1.5m Scart to Scart Lead .Info. £27.50 delivered.

QED SQUART leads can be bought from

2110 - Fully wired, 1m, £35
4110 - RGB only, 1m £35

+ p&p about £5 although I can't remember exactly.

I can't compare with any other makes but they are very well built and are infinitely better than the freebie ones - obviously :) . I'm very impressed with them.

I have a Thor 1.5m cable running from my Sat box to my TV and a 0.5m QED for my DVD player.

I must confess they are both good quality cables, though i would say that for the money the Thor is hard to beat.

I moved from a cheapo cable and it has made alot of difference
Hi I bought a THOR 1.5m scart to scart for £27.50
and I am very happy with the perfomance/price

Thanks everyone for their advice

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