Help! - What's happened to my speaker?


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Hi guys,

I'm new to this AV lark. I've recently (in the last few weeks) started a surround sound set up. I bought a (new) pair of Mordaunt Short 914i floorstanders for the fronts but the left one has got the print of a star poking through from behind (hopefully pics attached)

It wasn't like this when they arrived and the right one seems to be fine.

I don't know what it is but it doesn't look good :(. Should I be worried? They sound ok to me but I've got a head cold and my hearing's a but fuzzy right now.


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It looks a lot like an imprint from the spacer that bonds the voice coil to the driver - see attached pic.

Have you been driving them very hard with very bassy or percussive music? Not that that should cause the problem. It looks more like they've had a weight pressed on the cones, I'd be surprised if cone inertia could cause it, unless you were hammering the speaker and it was hitting the end stops. But you'd have heard the thwack thwack that results, it'll make you jump!

If you've not been abusing them I'd suggest you contact the retailer, it ain't supposed to be there.



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Thanks stainless-steel. As they're new and need running in i've had the volume down quite low so far (certainly not been driving them hard).

Looks like I need to send an email to Frank Harvey :(

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