Help! What's better to play CD? DVD or CD player???



Hello, :lease:
I just have bought an amplifier Nad C352+PSB speakers.

I'm going to buy a CD player. But as I don't have DVD player, I thought I could buy a DVD player, so I'll have CD+DVD+Mp3 playing for less money than separate CD and DVD players.

But some people says that quite any DVD player in reasonable prices (up to 600$-700$) can't plays CD as well as a good CD player (of about 300$-400$).

But other people suggested me that DVD players like Pioneer DV-668AV-S or Nad T524 could play stereo CD's as well as a good CD player (for example a Nad C542).

So as most important for me is stereo CD playing (I don't care home cinema or 5.1), what choice is the best quality/price??

Thank you for your help!


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My personal opinion is that you should go the CD route, but that's only based on my own experiences.

Please don't take out word for it, go find yourself a good local dealer and do a dem of it. After all, you might think there's no difference, in which case you can not only save some money, but feel happy KNOWING you did the right thing.

Mr Cat

a cd player will sound much better especially at that price point...

some people say you could use a dac with the dvd player, but I would go for the cd player.

but as mr sukebe says - best to demo too!


thank you very much for your help!!!

Quite all people who loves stereo recommend me a separate cd player... that must mean something!

but I'll try for a demo! Thanks!


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If you are getting a DVD at some point as well, I'd get a DAC instead of a CD player, as IMO a DAC at $400 with a DVD player, will sound better than a $400 CD player.


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I recently bought a Derek Shrek DAC (£140'ish) for my Harmon DVD30 and it made a substantial difference even though it went into a AV amp and speakers. I would anticipate a bigger leap with a pure CD player but WAF prohibits another box


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Another vote for a DAC. A good DAC will be far better than any CDP at that price no matter what you use as a transport. It will also stay with you through a few upgrades. The NOS DAC's are excellent value for money.

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