Help what tool can I get to remove these screws


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Hi guys trying to replace a roller on my t4 sliding door

Bear in mind I’m no mechanic, got step off to reveal these monster screws holding stop to van body

Wd40 and my paltry screwdrivers are doing nothing

Is there a special tool, or socket type set that will help me or do I need to take it to somewhere like a garage :)

After these 2 come 2 rusty looking Allen bolts to remove roller !!

Looked an easy job


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Are you using the right screwdriver?

It looks like a PH/PZ 3?

Failing that, you can buy screw removal drill bits.

Ive never had much success with them though.

Worse case scenario, drill them out


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Was wondering if I could get like a socket style set? With different heads, to apply pressure from side rather than trying to twist? This would maybe help on the Allen bolts too?

Maybe like above but with a handle?


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Actually looks like a socket drive can be used on that so that may well work thanks guys


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If you have the correct size screwdriver then a pair of water pump pliers on the handle would give more leverage.

Dig all the crap out of the screw head first for maximum purchase.


The impact driver gaseous linked to will probably do the job, when you wack it with a hammer it applies a hefty twist to the screw. If that doesn't shift it, drilling out is probably the only option.


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Thanks guys ordered probably be Wednesday before I get it, only get amazon rural here :). I’ll update once I’ve had a go :)


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Always use the right tool for the job, and as others have said, the right sized bit, preferably a good make such as Wera will help.
An impact driver is also going to help massively.
And finally, WD40 is not the best for this, it is a general purpose oil, really something like PlusGas penetrating oil works far better than WD40.
And finally, heat. If nothing else shifts it, a turbo lighter held on the screw head for 30 seconds can give enough heat to break the bond.

if you do mash up the head at all, then you may have to drill off the head and then drill out the thread. This will make it much harder and then you do need good drill bits and a steady hand. Hopefully the bits you have ordered should free them up OK.

Just thought of another tip, you can get a small file, make a couple of small flats on the side of the screw head, then get a pair of grips onto the flats.


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Thanks guys after ordering the above impact driver my mate came around with one,
After a lot of smacking we got the screws out, different story on the Allen torque bolts no amount of battering got them moved, drilled them out and managed to cut some replacements down to size all sorted !!

Thanks for all your input my wife is like amazed at the random questions and solutions that get solved almost immediately on this forum !!!

If in doubt yell here and generally problems get solved so thanks again!!!

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