HELP- we screwed up our dvd recorder!


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hi all

my dad wanted to hack his philips dvdr 880 to play all regions, we put in the code and now it wont play any pre-recorded dvds :oops: , but i will play self recorded ones and still works as a recorder

so does anyone know how to fix it, help would be greately apreciated (ps am i asking in the right place?)


:rolleyes: :lease:


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from what i can remember he printed some different region free codes (to play region 1 copied discs) put them in as it said- dvd stopped werking, so we put in a reset code and it went back to normal. he then put another code in and from then on the player has stopped playing dvd's you buy from a shop (R2) or copied dvds which i think are R1 and will only play ones that you record yourself using the record feature on the player

does this open up any doors?
could i get the machine reflashed/reprgrammed

ps i tried to update the firmware but i couldnt get the download onto a blank disc

thanks for the help


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Difficult to know what happened, as several things could have gone wrong when you had the machine in service mode.

Anyway, do these stages, in this order:

1. Take any disc out of the machine. and close the tray.

2. Set the 'Remote' settings in the 'Tools' menu of the 880 to 'DVD Player' instead of 'DVD Recorder'. Close the 'Tools' menu.

3. Using the remote, press the PLAY button, then '1', '5', '9'.

4. The front panel display of the 880 should show a series of dashes, i.e. "------------".

5. When you see these, enter the following numbers: 12 12 12 005 255 and then press PLAY again.

That should be it. However the PLAY 1,5,9 method ONLY works 25 times. The next try results in the region code being locked.

If none of this works, then a more complicated and permanent method (the RC6 method) can be found here.

Geoff Harden

I had trouble copying firmware to CD but have solved the problem,
Make sure you copy the files as an ISO image, not just the normal data copying. Nero will guide you through it.

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