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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by brattle, Jan 13, 2002.

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    Although this post concerns another site, it offers quite different advise to the AVForums. I hope that the moderators don't mind me posting this.

    Over at we cover the import scene for people importing consoles to the UK. The site is a totally non-profit making enterprise and was set up by a bunch of like minded gamers to offer news and advise on the import scene.

    One of the most common questions we get asked from people importing for the first time is whether TV XYZ supports NTSC 3.58 or not. For those that don't know, their are two different colour systems for NTSC, 3.58 and 4.43. NTSC 3.58 is required to run imported console without the use of a converter. Not all TVs have this, even those made today.

    Unfortunately, it can be one of the most difficult things to find out as most manufacturer's helplines don't have much of a clue and the web sites can sometimes be a little confusing. Even the manuals don't often tell the full story.

    We want to compile a database of as many TVs as possible to help people know whether their TV will support an imported console. It would be very useful to know the following:

    60hz Picture
    NTSC 3.58
    S-Video Front
    S-Video Through Scart

    I would be very grateful if members could spend a minute to post the answers to their own TVs or any they know about. I'll start the ball rolling:

    Loewe Aconda 9281/9381/9581

    60hz Picture - Yes
    NTSC 3.58 - Yes
    RGB - Yes
    S-Video Front - Yes
    S-Video Through Scart - Yes
    Component - Yes (through scart only)

    Sony 21LS30

    60hz Picture - Yes
    NTSC 3.58 - Yes
    RGB - Yes
    S-Video Front - No
    S-Video Through Scart - Yes
    Component - No

    If you're not sure about any of the questions, please say so. Any help would be much appreciated and will hopefully prove very useful to first time importers .

    Thank you

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