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    I have bought a new 37wlt66 toshiba lcd tv and would like some tips on setting up.

    My main concern is how to setup the brightness and contrast. There is also a control for the backlight. Am I better to have the backlight at minimum and set the contrast and brightness high to compensate or vice versa or a compromise, product life being the most important factor to me.

    Another worry I get is when I start up my pc. I have an old pc setup through the vga socket which appears to support vga and xga. The windows logo on startup shows in vga and windows itself in xga. When the computer first starts, when it should be displaying all the dos looking white writing on black background stuff the tv flashes the box in the corner displaying "pc". I assume this means it does not recognise the resolution or refresh rate but will this cause any problems in the future if continued every startup?

    Another thing I have noticed is an increase in hum when the baacklight is dimmed, as if a current limiter is working harder or something.

    And how fragile are these things, really?

    Thanks for any help.

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