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Help wanted on PC version of ChessMaster (6000 and 9000 versions)!!

Discussion in 'PC Gaming & Rigs' started by PoochJD, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. PoochJD

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    Aug 28, 2000
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    Hello Folks,

    Okay, I would like some help please with Chessmaster 6000 and 9000. I appreciate the fact that 6000 is now a really old, nigh-redundant version, but I shall explain why I am still using it.

    To cut a long story short, I have a Pentium 3 laptop, (Del Latitude CSx P3 500mhz), that will play Chessmaster 9000. I know this, because I have run the game once on my machine, albeit a few years ago now. (I had to remove it for lack of hard drive space.)

    However, I can't now load the game back onto my laptop, because I only have a CD-Rewriter cd-drive, and the security on the game thinks I am trying to copy it, which is untrue, when I try installing from Disc 1.

    I contacted Ubi Soft UK for help, and was simply told that Chessmaster 9000 won't run on a laptop. (It will, but it won't load from a CD-Rewriting drive. Which I already know! :mad: ) As I can't afford to buy an ordinary, basic, bog-standard CD-Rom drive (just to get this game installed), I thought I'd try an earlier version of this game.

    I found a re-release of Chessmaster 6000 in my local "WH Smiths" today for a bargain of £1-99. :clap: Bought it, and it works fine. Just one thing though: where can I download an updated database, and any extra boards/pieces chess sets, to install into it? All the recommended and suggested weblinks are no longer valid, and/or are unsupported - having been superceded by Chessmaster 9000.

    Failing that, is there anyway that I can get around the security protection issue, so that I can install Chessmaster 9000 onto my laptop - that doesn't involve piracy?! (The game requires the CD to remain in the drive, so that it can verify you are using a legit version of the game, and not a pirated one.

    Thanks, in advance.


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