Help wanted: £1500 budget for new flat panel TV



Hi all,

I don't consider myself to be a moron but i'm quite lost here, i have a budget of £1500 and am looking to buy a flat panel 32"/37" TV- either LCD or Plasma.

The ones i've seen in comet and the like running from HD sources all look immense, but am i right in thinking that an HD ready tv compromises on its ability to handle conventional sources as well?

HD will be fantastic but realistically i'll be sticking with Sky digital for the forseeable future, and i'm not willing to put up with a few years of bad quality Sky digital for a few channels in HD. So here are my needs, i would appreciate your best recommendations:

- The best connector and setup to show Sky digital in the best picture quality possible

- The best connector and setup to show DVD in the best picture quality possible

- A socket to handle a pc out feed

- Future-proof connections allowing me to use new technology (e.g. games) and HD eventually

- MINIMUM faults in picture (i.e. ghosting, tearing, jagged edges- all related to LCD i think)

Thanks for your help!


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do an advanced search to start off with, search for £1500 just in the thread title and you will get lots of info back.


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Well sky digital boxes come with scart sockets so you will need one of them. The best you will get out of current dvd players will probable be component (R,G,B). You need a VGA for the PC. A HDMI input will ensure future compatibilty and HD compatible will ensure you are able to view HD sources (albeit at SD resolution).
As horny mentioned it sounds like a PWD8 will suit your needs (so long as you have a surround system for your sound. Comes with a VGA and component input as standard and a scart input board for it will set you back about £100. You can then add a HDMI input board in the future if and when you need it.


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Samsung and sharp 32" (lc50 ) LCDs offer good value at around 750-850

Plasma TV? There are some cracking deals now. Samsung have a new SD TV at just over 1000 and an LG which is HD ready(i think) on electrical discount uk site at 1100-1200. But most people here would say go Panasonic. You can get some nice ready to go pannies for 1200 or so

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