Help w/ Sony Bravia - no power no LED


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Hi All - I just discovered this forum while looking for answers to my TV problems. Hopefully someone has some suggestions. I tried to turn on my XBR-65X900E today, and no power. Completely dark, no red standby LED, no nothing. I'm out of ideas, and maybe someone here has something. I can't call Sony support due to COVID, according to their site. Here are the steps I have taken so far:

1. Replaced remote control batteries
2. Unplugged the TV at the wall, waited 30 sec, plugged back in. Nothing.
3. Removed all HDMI and Ethernet cables
4. Unplugged TV at wall, plugged it directly into another wall outlet (no power strip), nothing
5. Reset TV (unplugged from wall, wait a minute, hold down power and '-' button on back on TV, plug back in, wait, release buttons. Nothing.
6. Tested DC voltage coming out of the power supply brick, solid 24V
7. Tested power coming out of the cable between the power brick and the port into the TV. Solid 24V.

The TV is still dark dark dark. No LED, no nothing. It is probably about 2 years old now, and was working fine with no issues up until last night. Am I missing something? Any suggested next steps?

Thanks in advance for the help.


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Short of removing the TV's back cover and doing a bit of fault-finding (which requires a multimeter and the knowledge of how to use it) you've done all you can.

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