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Help: VP30, PWD6 & 576p over DVI


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So I now have a VP30 connected over HDMI/DVI into a PWD6 with a DVI board (TY-42TM6DB). It's mostly used for Freeview and DVDs, so lots of PAL stuff.

The VP30 is currently set to output at 720p/60. It looks great, but obviously there's quite often judder as it's converting to 60hz from the 50hz PAL inputs.

According to the specs the DVI board will take 576p, but I've never been able to get anything working at that resolution into the board (VP30 or Oppo 980H DVD player). I certainly get a signal, but it never materialises into a useful picture - best description I can think of is 'animated tartan' !

If I tweak the timings on the VP30 I can sometimes get a fleeting glimpse of the picture, but then it's as if something quickly locks it back again, and we're back to watching tartan.

So really, I think it comes down to two questions:

1) Anyone have the same, but working, configuration (VP30, PWD6, DVI) ? If so, what hoops did you jump through ?

2) If you have a 576p signal going into a DVI board on a PWD6 by any means (I suspect a Lumagen would be able to do it, for example), does the panels internal processing of the 50Hz input introduce any judder (i.e. is it even worth getting my 576p input working if my goal is to remove judder) ?

Thanks for any input.

Cheers, Carl.


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Kinda. It at least confirms that some kit can do 576p into the DVI board. I've chatted to Joe about it (I bought the board from TMF), but I don't think he's got any definitive answers (and, to be fair, I did buy it five years ago, so it's kinda out of warranty ;)). Given it's an early DVI(HDCP) board, I'm not altogther suprised it doesn't work as expected.


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Yeah, 720p60 is fine (if you ignore the judder), but (AFAIK) 575p is the only 50hz input the board will accept. It might take 1080i/50, but I want to use the ABT card to full effect ... so progressive out of the VP30 would be nice.

For reference, here's the supported resolutions for the card:



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The table also lists 720p at 50Hz ... have you tried that?



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I was quite happy with the analog input at 720p, but with a PS3 and freesat HD coming along, it's getting harder to live without a fully digital signal path (or more money and hassle with naughty boxes), and I do like the simplicity of the HDMI cabling and switching.

I'll give the test pattern a try later Choddo. What's most frustrating is that the panel clearly can display the input - if I tweak the h-sync (iirc) in and out of range there's a brief flash of the screen (vp30 menus overlaid on the tv picture) for a split-second before it reverts back to garbage.

Am pretty much resigned to the fact that I'm stuck with judder now though - I just wanted to check for any obvious user-error on my part, but it's looking like I've done all I can. So I'll stick with it until upgradeitis strikes again I suppose !

Cheers, Carl.


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I had the same combo and it worked fine.
You just have to tweak the output format timings.
Remember, the Panny's dvi board is very much aimed at the American market, so 576p is difficult.
I remember 720p worked OK, and 576p too after a lot of tweaking: output-format-right-right and twiddle the hor. timings (write down where you were!).

Why not use pixel-to-pixel mapping?
As the PWD6EX is 852x480 (or was it x540?) you can find this in the Output setup.
Use a good BNC*5 to VGA cable and you'll be surprised of the PQ!
Better than dvi as I recall...

Have fun!


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Thanks Barend, interesting to hear yours worked fine but I've tried the full range of horizontal and vertical timings and I get no joy. I do wonder if they revised the firmware on these boards - mine would have been one of the very first shipped.

Thanks for the other suggestions, but native resolution doesn't work at 50Hz (I'm trying to avoid the dreaded judder), and whilst I've been entirely happy with the VGA input at 720p/50, the increasing prevelance of HDCP protected sources in my system mean it's rapidly becoming impractical to use analogue.

That's for the help guys, but I've run out of options (and patience). I've set the VP30 outputting "720p50" from it's pre-defined formats, and tweaked the hell out of the horizontal timings to pull the picture into shape. The panel is still getting a 60hz signal (I guess it's EDID wont permit true 720p50), but either I'm getting used to it, or there's a little less judder with these settings.

Cheers, Carl.


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The vp30 doesn't pay any attention to EDIDs, you can send whatever you want.

Have you gone into OutputSetup.Framerate.50Hz (source) and chosen "Locked 50Hz" ?


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I get "No Signal" if I do that.

If I choose "720p60" output, I get a sensible picture, no adjustment required, panel indicating 60Hz input signal.

If I choose "720p50" output, I get a picture that's way offset, needs lots of horizontal adjustment, and the panel is still reporting a 60Hz signal.

If I lock the framerate to 50Hz, I get "No Signal", and cannot adjust the timings to get something in range.


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Well since you all insisted it should work, I gave it another try. Turns out the problem was, predictably, somewhere between the remote and the sofa.

Selected the standard 576p output format, locked to 50Hz. Trimmed the horizontal timings a bit - h-front from 12 to 28, h-sync from 64 to 107. Small adjustments to picture pos. and size. on the panel, and I've got a 576p50 judder-free picture.

Most pleased, thanks for your persistance fellas :)

Cheers, Carl.

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