HELP!!! Vista Password has locked me out!!


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I have just used a Belkin Easy Transfer Cable For Windows Vista, to transfer my files and settings from my home PC (running XP Home) to my shiny new Acer Aspire 5920 Vista Home Premium laptop.

However, having had to do a restart on the prompt after the file transfer, I have gotten to the Sign On page; the account name (me) is there (and is the only account I set up) and then the password box.

I have tried my password, but it keeps replying "The user name or password is incorrect".

There is an option to reset password, but you have to creat a reset password disc/USB flash drive...which I didn't do beforehand!!

I have tried the Windows Vista Help page but it cannot help!

Does anyone know how I can reset the password and/or get back into the laptop?

I have searched this forum but not had much success....I would have thought someone else may have encountered the same problem transferring files from XP to Vista...

Please help!



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No. Only set up one account
Yikes, did you try leaving the password box empty and just hitting enter?

Also, there is an built-in Administrators account that you can use to resolve the problem.

Boot into safe mode and select it from the screen. Once logged start > run > cmd

In cmd type:

net user enter_your_username *


net user stretch3144 *

Make sure to leave a space between the username and the asterik. Press enter (twice) to change the password to nothing.


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Have tried hitting "enter" with the box blank, but get the same response "The username or password is incorrect".

Silly question do I boot in safe mode?

Have hit F2 on start up to access the BIOS but am now a bit confused...


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Thanks for the continued what point do I need to press F8(F5)?
Have tried on start up but nothing happens with either F8 or F5
Have also tried both keys inside the BIOS to no avail...


while the computer is booting, hold in F8
a menu should appear at some point (be patient)
select "safe mode"
log in using "Administrator" as the username
then change the password for your account though the control panel


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Very many thanks to all of you for your help.

I did something drastic....I read the instruction manual that came with the computer!

As such I was able to restore it to its brand new state, and as its only a week old, haven't lost too much data loaded to it.

Just got to stick a few gigs of music, movies, etc back on it!

Once again thanks to everyone for the help.

P.s. Had to hold down the Alt key as well as the F key!

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