Help using HS2 please.


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Just got my HS2.....great machine.


The manual leaves alot to the imagination.

What I will be using it for is to archive old VHS tapes (mainly music concerts) onto DVD.

Reading the manual I thought that if you made a play list of a tape each scene being 1 music track. I could then dub the playlist onto DVD ....and hey presto a track list on DVD.

It does not work. When I dubbed the play list and then checked the dvd, it had only put the 5 min chapters in.

I must be missing something.

So how do I do it.





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You can use the 'divide' function to split into different programmes and then dub to DVD-R but each concert will be a seperate option on the menu then. Alternatively if you record directly to DVD-R then when you 'pause' the recording a chapter point will be inserted.

Personally I don't use the Playlist function so can't tell you the pros and cons of using that system. The best way is to experiment.


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You need to make each song it's own PlayList, with just a single scene....

When you dub a Play List, you get a programme on the DVD-R, so simply split each song from the concert on it's own Play List and dub them....


I just transferred a Fleetwood Mac Concert to my HS2 and then kept doing a "Divide" to split it down to the single songs, which I then titled. What advantage is there to creating Play Lists instead?



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Not much, to be honest, although I'm far from being an expert....

A Play List *can* combine two scenes from different programmes, although this is of no use for splitting a concert into songs :)

Only other thing that could be a factor is that by using partial erase frequently, unless you dub to DVD-R and remove your divided progrmes, anythingyou subsequently record may go into the gaps on the HD freed up by the partial erase. Over tiem, this could result in the HD becoming very fragmented, needing a format to get it back in tip-top shape....

Of course, that all could be crap....

One other advantage of a Play list is that as it can span one or more programms, if I want to dub a movie to DVD-R, I copy it rom Sky +, created a second program of a few seconds after the film, then I can create my Playlist in much less time by jumping to the second program and rewinding back into thefilm to set the end point of the PlayList.

Again, of absolutely no use for a concert :)

At least we have the flexibility of doing things either way !


I think it does away with the pause that happens where the "divide " point is (Annoying if watching the entire concert )

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