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Sep 30, 2003
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Hi, I have recently bought a PS3 & been enjoying watching many great films on Blue-ray. However when i tried to play Casino Royale last night i was disappointed to discover that i could not hear the film in Dolby Digital. My system comprises of the following, PS3 connected to plasma through HDMI, audio is sent to my (old) Harman Kardon AVR8500 receiver through optic fibre cable BUT, the amp says that it is not receiving a Dolby Digital signal & instead processes the signal as Dolby pro-logic 2 ?????? My question really is, can the 5.1 uncompressed pcm signal be decoded by my older amp & why can't the amp decode the standard 5.1 signal ???????? Help would be greatly appreciated.
The uncompressed PCM signal will only go over hdmi ... which your amp won't accept. You should be able to set the PS3 to send 5.1 audio over optical - if it's processing the audio as pl2 then you're only getting stereo.
Check the PS3 is set to send bitstream over the optical connection.
Marktaylors advice is perfectly on the nose - you need to tell the PS3 to send 5.1 over optical, not HDMi.
Right - but just to clarify - what you get over optical is the "vanilla" 5.1 DD/DTS bitsteam, not the HD (uncompressed) streams.
Thanks, everyone setting the PS3 to bitstream did the trick! It was confusing because if you don't select bitstream the PS3 tells you that "some options may not be available". Thanks again!:clap:

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