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Help, tv noob!


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My wife and myself are moving into a new home soon and we'd really like a new TV since our living space is slightly smaller with a 3 piece suite hogging all the walls! Infact iv'e been wanting a HDTV ever since i got my 360.

I have been reading and researching about HDTV's for a while now and i find the more deeply I look into it the more I become confused by newly discovered information. I remain largly indecisive by reading reviews and pros and cons ect

I have a few points so please stay with me.

The TV will mostly be used during the day for regular TV viewing, blue ray DVD's. no sports really. During the evening it will be used for gaming on my XBOX 360! Note I am a passionate gamer and whats really threw me off recently is reading about lag issues with some TVs. I play StreetFighter 4 and if anybody else does they will be aware that the game has extremely tight timing associated with some combos, some of which have only a single frame of animation to link in follow up moves ect. I also play a lot of FPS or shooters and I recently noticed on my father in laws TV it has horrible lag when playing shooters, it was literally unplayable by my standards.

My budget is £500, POSSIBLY £550-600 if we really watch the pennies.

We don't currently have any surround so the sound quality needs to be decent untill we upgrade.

I would like a TV in the range of 37-42" ideally.

I don't mind if its plasma or LCD (infact i don't even know the difference) but i want 1080p, a decent contrast ratio and high Mhz and or refresh rates (it fixes lag?)

Picture quality would deffinatly be 2nd on my priority list, lag issues being 1st.

Is it possible to have it all on a budget? I'd still really like a nice crisp colourful experiance and i figure even if i sacrifice these features for a "lag free" TV it would be leagues better than my current 28" tube TV.

Sorry to rattle on guys and thanks in advance for any help and support offered.

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