Help trying to set up DVD player and TV "just to play DVD's on for Grandkids


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Aug 10, 2021
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Hillsboro County, New Hampshire
I just picked up a 19" Sceptre TV

Sceptre 19" Class 720P HD LED TV E195BV-S

I only will be using it for the Grandkids to play DVD's on when they are here..
I have a Sony HDMI DVD Player- DVP-SR510H............ I set it up, thought I got it
okay, until I put in a DVD (actually tried a few) and they all are in black and white, with tiny dots in the background.
Would anyone know what I may be doing wrong, sounded easy lol.. Thanks for any help!!

Do you have the two connected with an HDMI cable ?
No, the red,white and yellow cables, is that wrong?
It's not 'wrong' as such, but composite (red/white/yellow) RCA cables date back to the days of analogue TV and analogue devices - an HDMI cable will be a far better way of connecting your two digital devices together and (provided your TV and DVD player aren't faulty) will probably solve your problem.

You don't have to spend a lot on an HDMI cable but it's a good idea to at least get one with a good build quality. I have used Amazon Basics cables in the past (£5-10 here in the UK), which have worked well.
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