Help! - trying to connect KDL32v4000 to old surround sound HCD-S300


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Hi, just purchased new Sony Bravia KDL32v4000 and want to connect it to old surround sound HCD-S300 but I am a bit of a technophobe and don't know where to start.

Also have Sky box (standard not HDMI connection) and DVD/Video recorder currently connected to TV

If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it. :thumbsup:


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The surround system appears to have a couple of stereo analogue inputs (i.e the red & white connections for a pair of phono cables). The TV will have a stereo output so all you will need is a pair of these cables to connect the two directly together.

The Sky box can also be connected this way as it will also have a set of stereo outputs - but the audio will be passed through the TV outputs so its up to you whether you want to run a second set of cables to the surround system, or just play it all through the TV.

There is an optical input on the surround system which will give you 5.1 Dolby Digital/dts sound from a DVD player. If your DVD recorder has an optical output on it buy an optical cable and connect them up to get surround sound from your DVD movies.

If you don't know how to connect anything to it - how exactly have you been using the system up until now?

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